Hi there, my name is Kerry. I’ve always been interested in making things. When I moved to west cork in Ireland, almost 30 years ago now. I had my first go at felting, something I enjoyed so much, I later went on to hold courses to teach others. After a few years I found myself teaching in schools. Which has lead me to building a website and making my kits available to everyone.

“Through the fields, and over ditches to where the whitethorn grows,
To collect the gleanings from the sheep to wrap around me toes,
I tease the wool this way and that, and put it in me shoe,
Then walking home across the fields would felt it just like new.”

By Kerry McGuire.

Needle felting and wet felting are both very easy to learn and a lot of fun.
There are many video’s on line, if you need inspiration or ideas.
Give it a try, you will be surprised how much fun you can have, and how easy it is. Great for all ages 7+.

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